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Barista training

You will learn in a relaxed way how to produce the finest coffees possible. We work towards competition levels and enjoy introducing you to the beautiful art of coffee.


Barista coffee training

As a specialty roaster, our world revolves around quality. Throughout the supply chain we are constantly trying to improve the coffee we supply; from selecting the right origin partners to profiling the coffee on our roaster to rigorous quality control checks for every batch of coffee we roast. Ultimately however, the success of the brew is dependent on the skill of the barista – all the hard work at origin and in the roastery can be ruined in a matter of seconds if it is brewed incorrectly through your machine.

We are committed to our wholesale partnerships and aim to create long term relationships with our customers. We cannot stress the value of investing in your staff enough as, along with your choice of equipment, this will ultimately ensure the success of your coffee offering.

This was our main motivation for setting up our coffee training courses to ensure we can provide the educational courses necessary to ensure our customers understand how to work with coffee – there really is more to it than you might think!

We realise now that more and more people want to make great coffee themselves, So we also offer a range of courses available to our retail customers and shop customers too, so you can learn the art of making great coffee at home!

training courses available

We offer a variety of courses in Barista Skills, Brewing, Sensory Skills and Green Coffee through our own Pathfinder Coffee programme. We can also put together bespoke training specifically for your requirements if needed.

We offer coffee and barista training for individuals as well as large teams. From beginner training to advanced barista courses, our training is designed to help anyone wanting to learn and develop their coffee skills.

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